sin with sebastian:

Born Sebastian Roth in a small town of Southern Germany - made it to the top of the Charts with his original Songs and (co)Production of Shut up (and Sleep with me) and Golden Boy (Single and Album) 1995-1997. After being an Artist he retreated into Music Production and Song writing and Traveling.

"I enjoy the Freedom not being in the lime light gives me. It was an interesting experience to be Nr1 in Charts, to hear my music on the radio - but at the end of the day it´s not life filling - and definitely not worth spending much energy for to repeat it. I am thankful for the experience and ultimately for the freedom the success has given me: the freedom to do what i like, to help others with their music and to travel the World.I go with the flow and don´t make any decisions about the future - also not about the future of "sin with sebastian".The Future unfolds every day anyway - without any "doing".

1994: Signed by Sing Sing Record Label
1995: Release of first Single: „Shut up (and Sleep with me)“ which went to the top of the charts almost everywhere in Europe (Nr.1 in Spain, Austria, Finland, Lithuania and Poland) and hit the US Billboard Dance Charts at Nr. 23;
1996: Release of the Single and Album: „Golden Boy“; (Nr3 in Finland, and Nr4 in Poland...); Nominated for Echo Award (German Grammy) as Best Dance Act.
1997: Release of the Marianne Rosenberg Duet „He belongs to me“ in Mexico (Nr1), followed by two extended Promotion Tours;
1998: Sin with Sebastian leaves Sing Sing, artistic break (traveling, and writing new Songs in various other Genres/Styles);
2005: Sebastian teamed up with Tom (Guitarist) - to re-vive Sin with Sebastian, finding a new approach to Songwriting and creating a new sound for the Project.
2006: sin with sebastian launches an independent record label: „Lipstick Confusion Records“.
2007: After 10 years of silence a new single is released on Lipstick Confusion: „Fuck You (i am in Love)“
2008: Release of new Album EP: PUNK POP! National TV Performance on „Hit Giganten“
2009: Performed new single on RTL Chart-show (TV Show) ; Studio work for new Album
2010: Sin with Sebastian moves to Berlin, Release of New EP Album: „Punk POP! 2“
Release of New Music Video and single: „That´s all? (i´m not satisfied)“ Teams up with Ex Porn Star „Dolly Buster“ to record a single for Dolly.
2011: (31.12.2010) Release of new single „Wake up (be good to me)“ as „Dolly Buster vs. sin with sebastian“
2012: Off time due to a Motorbike accident in Thailand, Recovery and Relocating to a new Studio
2013: Release of Rosa von Praunheim Short Film/Documentary about sin with sebastian; Completing Studio In Berlin Mitte (Center District)
2014: Traveling in Asia, Working on a New Spiritual Themed Project